We have just released “Learn Devanagari Letters” iOS App Bundle on Apple AppStore

We are happy to announce that we have released “Learn Devanagari Letters” iOS App Bundle on Apple AppStore.

Learn Devanagari Letters iOS App Bundle includes Mudrakshar iOS App & Marathi Alphabet Chart – Pronounce & Identify iOS App.

Both app together cost all most 10$ but with this bundle we are giving away both app at 20% discounted price tag.

We hope you will like our App Bundle to enable any person in the world to learn Devanagari Alphabets.

We are making available our most popular apps in discounted price to encourage you to explore Devanagari Script. Apps in this bundle has features such as interactivity, visually reach media, animation with letter constructions, audio for right pronunciation for any child or any young adult to learn ancient indian script.

Devanagari is script which is being used for many centuries in many Indian languages like Sanskrit, Marathi, Hindi & Nepali.

Feel free to download this bundle at discounted pricing & let us know about your experience & what you want see more in this apps. We are eager to hear from you.


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