We have released eVocab 1.0 – Vocabulary App to Apple AppStore

We are happy to announce that we have released eVocab App to AppStore,

Here is something about the App:


eVocab App will help you to improve your english vocabulary with more than 1,882 questions bundled in one app.

App has more than 1,882 words with 4 options to choose from the right vocabulary answer. It’s fun, engaging app to use it daily. It help you to improve your english related words & vocabulary.

How App works, quiz game rules & strategies:

You are supplied with three lives at beginning of the game. When question will be presented you get four options to choose possible right answer if you succeed you get one point or if you tap on wrong answer you loose one of your life.

Other Features:

iOS 7 share sheet is embedded within every step of the way so that you can tweet or share your progress on Twitter, Facebook or any other your choice of online social network.

We support you all through out the time you are using our App with helping you with E Mail support sheet embedded within App.

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