We have released our new iOS MBA Preparation App Kautilya to App Store

We have just released Kautilya App to AppStore,

App Description:

Kautilya App will help you to prepare for MBA (Master of Business Administration) Exam with more than 2,430 questions bundled in one app. Kautilya includes MBA study subjects ranging from Technology, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Capital Market, Business & Banking.

Here are stats about each domain question bank count. Technology section includes 70 questions, Marketing includes 400 questions, Finance includes 210 questions, Economics includes 100 questions, Capital Market includes 200 questions, Business includes 390 questions, Banking includes 1,060 questions in database. i.e. Total 2,430 number of questions & answer set in Kautilya App database to help you to prepare for your next exam.

Questions are smartly handpicked from Indian subcontinent and their USA counterparts & International including day to day domain by domain activities happened for almost last 5 to 10 years.

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Mandar Apte

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