We have released “Marathi Alphabet Chart – Pronounce & Identify” iOS App to Apple AppStore

We have released “Marathi Alphabet Chart – Pronounce & Identify” iOS App to Apple AppStore,

This is golden opportunity for every marathi speaking household to teach their children Marathi Alphabets using chart. App is based on vary old teaching & education methodologies such as Aksharmala & Varnamala. This App uses visuals such as Animals, Fruits, Vegetables to teach children to identify alphabet using names & also helps kids to pronounce Marathi Alphabets using background sounds that pronounce alphabets & visuals.

Simple Statements are used to attract attention of kids towards Marathi Alphabets recognition, identification & pronunciation.

You can tap on next button, previous button or just swipe left, swipe right to move between letters & visuals. You have audio playback button to play background sound that pronounces alphabets, statements & visuals.

So you following aids are available to help your children to learn Marathi Alphabets:

1. Visual / Photograph of Objects to help your children to identify Alphabets & relate Alphabets to objects such as Animals, Fruits, Vegetables, Gods, Humans
2. Background Sound to help your children to pronounce Alphabets & Name correctly
3. A Statement to help your children to ease pronunciation using simple statements & Letter constructions

Also do check out our other iOS Application called Mudrakshar to help you & your children to write, trace, pronounce & identify Marathi Alphabets.

Mudrakshar: http://appstore.com/mudrakshar

If you have any suggestions, queries or any feature request do let us know on following page:

Support Page: http://mandarapte.com/support/


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