We have released update for Beie 1.6.2 on App Store

We are happy to announce after releasing Sacred App update yesterday we have just released update to Beie App to App Store, Beie is now 1.6.2 with universal app architecture supporting iPad form factor.

With Beie 1.6.2 Release Beie now supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

What’s New in Beie 1.6.2

01. Beie is now universal app & now supports iPad form factor. Beie also support iPhone & iPod touch devices.

02. User Interface is redesigned with zest of new icons simplified workflow.

03. With release of Beie 1.6.2 Universal App Twitter integration is added, Now you can tweet your images to your twitter profile with single tap from and within the app itself.

04. Email Customer Support sheet is integrated with release of Beie 1.6.2 to help you to find us & contact us for your support questions from and within app itself.

Something about Beie:

The Beie app bundles joy & happiness integrated with capturing innocence through camera & translate it to captured memory with just 4 easy taps.

Capture image through camera lens or just select your own image from your camera roll, album to manipulate it with image adjustment filters.

Total 23 Image Adjustment Filters are available to manipulate & tweak your photos. Those 23 filters includes Grayscale i.e. Black & White, Sepia, Sketch, Threshold Sketch, Pixellate, Polar Pixellate, Color Invert, Toon or Comic, Pinch Distort, Polka Dot, Halftone, Crosshatch, Emboss, Posterize, Swirl, Bulge, Stretch, Sphere Refraction, Glass Sphere, Vignette, Oil Painting 1 & 2, Perlin Noise, CGA Color.

It’s real great tool to have 23 various photo utilities & effects in one single app that runs smooth, steady & is fun to use.

Beie is available on Apple App Store near you.

Hope you like it…


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